How to use Scullys Website

1. You can either go straight to shop or register at the top of the page.

2.1. Login from here if you had an account already. You can also login via either email/username or social media.

2.2. If you don’t have an account, you can register via either email or social media.

3. After logging in, this is your account’s page. You can view all your information from this page. And view Scullys Products from menu bar.

4. You can filter products by this drop down list. Or search by keywords.

5. There are many new features are waiting for you to find out.

6. Click on product to view more details.

7. Then you can click on cart icon to view whats inside your cart and proceed to checkout.

8.1. If you have Coupon you can enter from here.

8.2. Fill in all information for shipment.

8.3. You can double check your order here.

9.1.Click to proceed to payment.

9.2. Enter your card information here. Secured by PaymentExpress.

10.1. After proceeding payment. Website will show you all details and you will receive a confirmation email.

10.2. You can even track your parcel from my-account page. After the order is completed, you can view your invoice from here as well.

Thank you for reading this.

Contact us when you have any questions!

Hope you enjoy using Scullys online store!