General Terms & Conditions As of 24/11/2022

  1. The Scullys Loyalty Rewards Program (‘the Program’) allows members of the Program to earn points for purchases made on the Scullys website. 
  2. Purchases made in-store at our Bulls flagship store may also be counted towards the member’s points balance if the customer quotes their membership details (name & email) at the time of purchase; points will be updated on a weekly basis when purchasing in-store.
  3. Customers can join the Program by registering at to become a Scullys website member and selecting the checkbox to join the Program.
  4. The Program launched on the 1st of December 2021, existing members of the Scullys website will be automatically added to the Program.
  5. Being a Scullys website member and using the Program deems these Terms and Conditions (‘Terms’) to be accepted by the member. 
  6. The Terms may be amended from time to time, the revision date will be shown under the Terms. The revisions may make include, but are not limited to, any of the following changes: (i) increase or decrease the number of points for each purchase; (ii) increase or decrease the number of points required to claim a reward and/or to qualify into a Tier; (iii) change the type of rewards received in a Tier; (iv) change the method of becoming a member.
  7. The accrued points are merely a means of reward for the member; it does not constitute as property of the member and are not transferable between members.
  8. Abuse of the Program and/or failure to abide by these Terms, as determined by Scullys may result in disqualification from Programme participation in the Program, forfeiture of all points accrued and Tier rewards.
  9. A member can choose to opt out of the Program at any time in the My Account page.

Collecting Points

  1. Members must be logged in at the time of purchase or completing an eligible points activity to earn points; new customers must register prior to making a purchase in order to earn points.
  2. Members will collect points based on the amount spent, for every $1 spent, the member will receive 1 point; customers can see how many points they will be able to earn on the product page or at checkout. 
  3. Refer a friend using the unique link generated from the member’s My Account page to earn 150 points (the referred friend will earn 50 points as well) if the friend becomes a member or makes a purchase. The friend must not already be a member, this can only be done once for each friend referred.
  4. Review a product the member has purchased to earn an extra 50 points.
  5. Points will expire 1 year after the date on which they were received. Points do not have any value until they are redeemed for rewards, and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Claiming a reward

  1. Points will be accumulated and the balance can be found in the member’s My Account page. 
  2. When a member has sufficient points to earn a reward, the Member will be notified at checkout and the reward will be automatically added to their cart when the member makes their next purchase.
  3. The Program consists of 4 Membership Tiers:
    •  Friend (earn up to 500 points per year)
    •  Member (earn over 500 points per year)
    •  Insider (earn over 1500 points per year)
    •  VIP (earn over 2000 points per year)
  4. The members annual spend is calculated from the day the member first joins the Program for a period of 365 days, this will reset each year.
  5. A member must reach the annual points earned criteria to keep their current membership tier.
  6. The benefits of each Tier are outlined in the ‘How It Works’ table.
  7. The benefits include:
    10% discount Enrolment Offer (automatically applied at checkout on the member’s next purchase)
    Birthday Gift (details will be emailed to the member 7 days before the member’s birthday)
    Shipping Benefits (VIP Tier receives free shipping on all purchases, Insider has a flat rate $3 shipping, and  free shipping will apply for purchases over $50 for Member, and $100 for Friend)
    Redeem 500 points for $25 off (this can be claimed at checkout if the member has sufficient points)
    Early access to new releases (this will be emailed to eligible members when Scullys have new product launches)
    Invitation to exclusive events (the details will be emailed to eligible members when Scullys have exclusive events)
    Free samples (automatically added to the eligible member’s cart from time to time, based on availability and at the discretion of Scullys)
    Free gift as the member moves up in Tiers (will be automatically added to the eligible member’s cart, the type of product is at the discretion of Scullys)
  8. Rewards such as the Free Gift received for going up a Tier or Free Samples will be shipped with the member’s next purchase to the nominated address of the member entered at checkout.

Personal information

  1. Your personal information is collected to enable Scullys to provide you with the benefits of the Program. 
  2. All personal information provided by you will be held by Scullys, in accordance with its obligations under the Privacy Act 1993. 
  3. You have the right to update or correct your personal information, to opt out of your Membership, and to also opt in/out of receiving promotional Newsletters from Scullys in the My Account page.