Here at Scullys, we recognise that the skincare industry has had a significant impact on our environment, and as a company we have the duty to operate in an environmentally responsible way. We are actively taking steps to improve the sustainability of our products and reduce our footprint both behind the scenes in sourcing and manufacturing, as well as what our customers take home.

This starts with our packaging, which we strive to only use packaging materials which are either recycled or fully recyclable. We prioritise the use of glass and aluminium tins where practical, as these are two materials that can be infinitely recycled and also durable to be reused. Over the past few years, we have slowly but surely been redesigning our products to be more aligned with our vision; replacing non-recyclable plastics with cardboard, paper, numbers 1/2/5 recyclable plastics, and also introducing more sustainable product ranges in our refill packs and also using bamboo fibers in our products.

In all our Scullys products we only use ingredients which are safe, sustainable, and not tested on animals. While the latter means that we had to give up on entering overseas markets such as China, animal welfare is something we believe in strongly and are not prepared to overlook.

Our Apothecary range is a collection that we are particularly proud of, it is formulated from only the highest quality and natural ingredients, and we are continuing to grow this range with the introduction of our Shampoo & Conditioner bars, as well as the Natural Goats Milk Moisturising Soap this year. Natural ingredients are not only used in our skincare products but can also be found in our Home collection products.

Ingredients derived from palm oil such as sodium palm kernelate or sodium palmate are key components in the making of some soaps, which allows the gentle cleansing of the skin. We are aware that mass palm oil production has been a major driver in deforestation in biodiverse forests in South-East Asia, but we also recognise that the solution is not as simple as just switching to an alternative vegetable oil.

Because palm oil is the most efficient yielding crop and currently already supplies 40% of the world’s vegetable supply; replacing existing palm oil production with other oil crops would mean using up to 4-10 times more land to satisfy an equal demand. Furthermore, entire communities for decades have been relying solely on the oil palm fruits harvested in existing plantations for their economic security and survival.

Which is why our priority and utmost commitment are to source and use only palm oil that comes from sustainable agricultural practices and is RSPO certified, and to be completely transparent in its use and origin, ensuring full traceability from the plantation to our production centre is guaranteed.

We are far from perfect, but we believe that every small bit helps. We are committed to operating responsibly and will continue to take steps toward more sustainable practices and making products that are not only good for your skin, but also for our environment.

Thanks for continuing to support us on our journey.
The team at Scullys